About us


Studio Layers was originally a German based Digital Studio with a multidisciplinary approach. Through it's founder Stefan Abendroth an alternative path has been found, turning the studio into a well-respected creator of ready-to-wear.

All our garments were made from vintage military canvas that had seen years of history before we remanufactured it into a new form. Each piece of military canvas is unique and may have small repaired tears or stains from its long history of use. Every garment is one of a kind.

We've been collecting vintage military sleeping bag cases from the 40's and 50's for years now. We took them apart, piece by piece, and incorporated those pieces into new designs that bring a new masterpieces alive. Each garment will be unique, numbered, and production will be limited. We have always believed that how we make is just as important as what we make. Everything is made by hand in our German based atelier.

The masterclass — Do Not Handle With Care.